APACHE [Poster Logo White]


— Originating from Ukraine. Real name Maksym Dubinin. He was born 20 of April 1986.

— Having established himself in 2008, he has been churning out dance floor destroyers ever since. Whether it be Dubstep, Riddim, Hybrid.

— Having released on some of the most respected label imprints in bass music his sets carry you through a full spectrum of sounds and genres.

— In 2009 APACHE the creator a Project DEP™. Genre: Dubstep, Trap, Breaks, Breakbeats, Drum&Bass.

— In addition to these project APACHE engaged in a solo career, DJ, speaking tours of Europe.

— In 2013 Asia Tour.

— In 2014 APACHE coming Hong Kong pursue a solo career as a musician, producer bass music, Dj, Genre: Dubstep, Riddim.

— In 2015 — 2016 there was collaboration with Sharxpowa.

— In 2017 APACHE & RADA spent their performances in such countries Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan.|

— He was at big music festival «Loft Asia Brand», «Asia Ship».

— In 2017 — 2019, APACHE released 3 Studio Albums: «WTF ASIA?! EP», «NO TRAP NIGGA LP», «DEAD WAR EP».

— BACK2BACK™| APACHE & RADA have toured with new strength and energy in Asia with their performances.

— In 2018 — 2019 , APACHE & RADA released 3 Single: «DARK DEVIL», «TORN UP THE MIND» , «FULL DOWN» and 2 EP: «COME BACK EP» | «G BASS EP».

— Now in 2019, APACHE & RADA began to record Studio Album «FLY EP».

— APACHE works Genres of music for his own inimitable sound design Dubstep, Riddim, Hybrid Trap.

— Now based APACHE is a versatile heavy bass music.