RADA [ LOGO 2019 ]


— Real name Rada Amanzholova. Born in Ukraine 17 of August 1991, she is always striving to find new music, never be constrained by any genres, and it shows in her work.

— Later decided to move to Asia and begin to engage in creative activities. Spent their performances in such countries Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Thailand. Worked on big festival «Loft Asia Brand», «Asia Ship». In 2017 release Mixtape#1, Mixtape «Introduce Bass Mind».

— Already start 2018 and she released new MIXED «BASS LINE» you can definitely experience a Mature integration of various influences from Bass House, Trap, Future Bass.

— In her evolution as an artist, one thing remains consistent, her ability to get the party started with her energetic sounds.

— BACK2BACK™| APACHE & RADA have toured with new strength and energy in Asia with their performances.

— In 2018 — 2019 , APACHE & RADA released 3 Single: «DARK DEVIL», «TORN UP THE MIND» , «FULL DOWN» and 3 EP: «COME BACK EP» | «G BASS EP» | «FLY EP»

— Now in 2020, APACHE & RADA began to record Studio Album.